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Multiple Weight Champions

Manny Pacquiao 7 Philippines Flyweight - Welterweight
Oscar De La Hoya 6 USA Sp Featherweight - Middleweight
Thomas Hearns 5 USA Welterweight - Lt Heavyeeight
Sugar Ray Leonard 5 USA Welterweight - Lt Heavyweight
Floyd Mayweather 5 USA Sp Featherweight - Lt Middleweight
Leo Gamez 4 Venezuela Strawweight - Bantamweight
Roberto Duran 4 Panama Lightweight - Middleweight
Pernel Whitaker 4 USA Lightweight - Lt Middleweight
Roy Jones Jr 4 USA Middleweight - Heavyweight

Longest Reign Combined Weights

Joe Louis 11yr 8m USA 1937 - 1948
Johnny Kilbane 11yr 4m USA 1912 - 1923
Joe Calzaghe 10yr 1m Wales, UK 1997 - 2007
Ricardo Lopez 9yr 8m Mexico 1990 - 1999
Archie Moore 9yr 2m USA 1952 - 1962
Dariusz Michalczewski 9yr 1m Poland 1994 - 2003
Bernard Hopkins 8yr 11m USA 1995 - 2005
Felix Trinidad 8yr 5m Puerto Rico 1993 - 2000
Benny Leonard 7yr 8m USA 1917 - 1925
Jimmy Wilde 7yr 4m Wales, UK 1916 - 1923

Boxer Longest Unbeaten Streak

Jimmy Wilde * 103 Wales, UK 1910 - 1923
Fred Dyer 94 Wales, UK 1908 - 1912
Pedro Carrasco 93 Spain 1964 - 1971
Sugar Ray Robinson 91 USA 1943 - 1951
Julio Cesar Chavez * 90 Mexico 1980 - 1994
(opening his Career *)
Some reports claim Hag Bagwell and Packey McFarland had well over 100,
however most of these include booth fights.

Longest Unbeaten run en-route to the Heavyweight Title

Rocky Marciano 43 USA 1947 - 1952
George Foreman 38 USA 1969 - 1973
Tony Tucker 35 USA 1980 - 1987
Riddick Bowe 32 USA 1989 - 1982
Mike Tyson 31 USA 1985 - 1986

Longest Reign as Heavyweight Champion

Joe Louis 11yr 8m USA 1937 - 1948
Larry Holmes 7yr 3m USA 1978 - 1986
Jack Dempsey 7yr 2m USA 1991 - 1923
Jack Johnson 6yr 3m USA 1908 - 1915
Muhammad Ali 6yr USA 1964 - 1970
James Jeffries 5yr 10m USA 1899 - 1904
James Corbett 4yr 6m USA 1892 - 1897
Lenox Lewis 4yr 2m England, UK 1997 - 2001

Most Knockout Wins

Archie Moore 145 USA 1936 - 1963
Young Stribling 128 USA 1921 - 1933
Billy Bird 125 England, UK 1920 - 1948
Sugar Ray Robinson 109 USA 1940 - 1965
Sandy Saddler 103 USA 1944 - 1956
Henry Armstrong 101 USA 1931 - 1945

Most Professional Contests

Len Wickwar 472 England, UK 1928 - 1947
George Marsden 372 England, UK 1927 - 1946
Billy Bird 355 England, UK 1920 - 1948
Jack Britton 342 USA 1905 - 1930
Johnny Dundee 337 USA 1910 - 1932
Bert Ison 337 England, UK 1920 - 1948
Arnold "Kid" Sheppard 330 Ferndale, Wales 1925 - 1939
Sam Minto 321 USA 1909 - 1937
Sandy McEwan 310 Scotland 1926 - 1938
Red Pullen 308 Wales 1924 - 1946
Courtesy of English Boxing Historian Miles Templeton. To view a more in-depth list of English fighters click here.

Boxers to win Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year

Ingemar Johansson 1959 Sweden  
Muhammad Ali 1974 USA  
Sugar Ray Leonard 1981 USA  

Highest Grossing fight

05-May-2007 Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Oscar De La Hoya
The bout billed “The World Awaits” smashed previous records generating 2.4 million buys, the bout made $165 million in total gross revenue making it the richest fight ever.

Only fighter to compete over 5 decades

A 16-year old Roberto Duran made his professional debut in 1968; he consistently competed through five decades; fighting his last bout aged 50 in 2001. Duran retired due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Most Knockdowns In a Fight, Boxing

Sam McVey vs Joe Jaanette
In Paris, France on April-1909 an amazing feat was achieved that will never be repeated. The bout between Sam McVey and Joe Jeanette was a brutal and ruthless, Jeanette went to the canvas on 27 occasions, McVey was floored 19 times. Jeanette won when McVey collapsed at the start of the 49th round and was unable to continue.

Most Knockdowns In a Title Fight

Danny O'Sullivan vs Vic Toweel.
Johannesburg, S. Africa, Dec-1950. English Bantamweight O'Sullivan was down eight times in the fifth round during this Bantamweight title fight; however he managed to continue before retiring in the tenth. Toweel was reported as saying he could not belief his opponent kept getting up.

Largest Paying Boxing Attendance

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen
On n Feb-1993 a reported 132, 247 spectators crammed into the Estadio Ezteca, Mexico City, Mexico to witness Julio Cesar Chavez make his tenth defence of his WBC light welterweight title. Haugen was floored in the opening seconds and was pounded through the fight before referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight in round five.

Largest Attendance Boxing, Free Admission

Tony Zale vs Billy Pryor
Juneau Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 135,132 where in attendance to watch the bout between Zale vs Pryor on Aug-1941. Admission was free and the referee was Jack Dempsey. Tony Zale won a 9 round knockout.

Largest European Boxing Attendance

Max Schmeling vs. Walter Neusel
Aug-1938, Over 102.000 spectators were in attendance at Sandbahn Lokstedt, Hamburg, Germany. there to see Joe Schmeling won with a ninth round KO.

Largest Indoor Boxing Attendance

Muhammad Ali vs Leon Spinks
Sept-1978, Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana. 63,315 where in attendance to witness Muhammad Ali avenge his split decision loss to Spinks seven months earlier.

Largest U.S. Boxing Attendance

Attendance Bout Year Venue - Location
63,350 Ali vs. Spinks II 1979 Superdome, New Orleans, LA
59,995 Whitaker vs. JC Chavez 1993 Alamodome, San Antonio, TX
50,994 Pacquiao vs. Clottey 2010 Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX
45,368 De La Hoya vs Patrick 1998 Astrodome, Houston TX
37,321 Ali vs. Terrell 1967 Astrodome, Houston TX

Longest Bout ( With Gloves )

Andy Bowen vs. Jack Burke
On April 6, 1893 in New Orleans USA. 110 rounds (7 hours 19 minutes). The Referee called it a "no contest" when fighters refused to continue.

Longest Bout ( Bare Knuckle )

James Kelly and Jack Smith
(6 hours 15 minutes) , near Melbourne, Australia, Oct. 19, 1856.

Shortest Heavyweight Reign

Tony tucker (1 month, 1 day) 
Tucker won the vacant IBF title defeating James Dougles in Las Veags on 30-May-1987, He would lose the title Just over two months later to Mike Tyson 1-Aug-1987.

Shortest Reign as Champion

Emile Pladner (47 days) 
Emile Pladner was Flyweight champion for only 47 days, from 2-Mar-1929 to 18-Apr-1929. Technically there have been shorter reigns where fighters have refused to accept or have been stripped of the title. Plander is the shortest reigning champion who won and lost the title in the ring.

Heaviest man to fight for Title

Nicolay Valuev (333 lbs) 
When the Russian Giant faced Clifford Etienne on 14th-May-2005 he Scaled an astonishing 333 pounds, 151 Kilogram, 23 ¾ Stone. Smashing the record of 270 lbs previously held by Italian Primo Carnera. Valuev also holds the record for the tallest man to fight for the title at 7ft 3in

Consecutive First Round Knockouts (from opening career)

Tyrone Brunson (19)
Brunson from Philadelphia blazed his way to 19-0 (19) record by knocking out all of his opponents in the first round. This feat was between April-2005 and March-2008. The record was previously held solely by Venezuelan Edwin Valero who stopped his first 18 opponents between July 2002 and February 2006.

Oldest Boxer to Win a Title

George Foreman 45 years, 10 months, 25 days)
George Foreman scored a sensational knockout in the 10 round of his bout with Michael Morrer in Las Vegas, NV on November of 1994. Foreman recaptured the title he had lost 20 years earlier at the same time making history; becoming the oldest man to win the Heavyweight title aged 45 years, 10 months and 25 days.

Quickest End to a Fight

Russell Rees stopped Des Sowden in just 4 seconds on Friday November 3, 2000, Leisure Centre, Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire, Wales. Sowden was knocked out by first punch just 4 seconds into the fight. The quickest recorded knockout in boxing history. (Recently they changed it to 10 seconds)
Ever Beleño stopped Guillermo Salcedo in 5 seconds on Friday 16 September 1994. The shortest KO record in the world at the time.
Oliver Rubin stopped Peter Simko in 5 seconds on Friday, February 8, 2002, Imperial Gym, Budapest, Hungary. (This remains a Hungarian record
José (Espinaca) Pons, knocked out Cecilio Niz, both Argentinians, in only 5 seconds, in the Luna Park Stadium of Buenos Aires, CF, Argentina, on March 26, 1952; this is the record for a South American professional fight.
The quickest knockout in recorded history, including the full 10 count from the ref, was a welterweight fight from 1946, when Al Couture knocked out Ralph Walton in 10.5 seconds.

Courtesy of Henry Hascup

Quickest End to a Title Fight

Daniel Jimenez vs Harold Geier (17 Seconds)
Jimenex only needed 17 seconds to finish of Geier of Austria to retain the WBO Super Bantamweight Title in 1994.

Record Number of Title fights

Julio Cesar Chavez (37)
From his first title shot in 1994 the Mexican was Involved in 37 Title fights right through to his last challenge in 2000 against Kostya Tszyu

Flash Knockouts in under 60 Seconds

Mike Tyson
Tyson has the most flash KOs in professional boxing. He knocked out 9 fighters in less than one minute (Marvis Frazier 0:30, Robert Colay 0:37, Lou Savarese 0:38, Mike Johnson 0:39, Ricardo Spain 0:39, Clifford Etienne 0:49, Mark Young 0:50, Trent Singleton 0:52, Sterling Benjamin 0:54).
In his record there are 23 KOs in round one!

First man to regain the Heavyweight Title

Floyd Patterson
Patterson regained the Heavyweight Title on January-1960 in Ney York by knocking out Ingemar Johansson in the fifth round. Avenging the third round knockout loss to Johansson a year earlier.