Sugar Ray Robinson


sugar ray robinson

Robinson set the standard to witch all fighters would aspire, regarded by most as the best fighter ever to grace the ring.

Born Walker Smith in Detroit on 3RD May 1951, and gained the ring-name Ray Robinson when he substituted for a fighter named Ray Robinson, devoid of the appropriate certification having failed to register with the authorities the young Smith would borrow the card of Ray Robinson. According to legend his manager often remarked on his style as being “Sweet as Sugar” with this his name was complete.

“Sugar” Ray Robinson had an impressive amateur career winning all but a few of his 89 bouts, 69 of which were knockouts, (40 in the first round). He turned professional in October 1940, having unparalleled success in his first year as a professional winning forty contests before loosing to the man he would face six times; Jake La Motta. (Robinson would go on to win the other five contests). Ray Robinson would astonishingly go on a 91 unbeaten streak from 1943 to 1951, in a feat that would bring him the welterweight title in 1946 followed by the middleweight title in 1951. Robinson defend his title against old foe La Motta again in an epic battle remembered as “St Valentine Days Massacre” in Chicago, this time Robinson stopped La Motta in the thirteenth in a memorable battle.

‘Sugar’ Ray was all to accustom to the good life displaying his wealth with a Pink Cadillac, expensive suits, a personal barber, tailor and even a shoe shiner where all part of his ever-growing entourage. This would take some financing and with opponents, fast running out Robinson signed a seven-fight deal in Europe, which would take place in the summer of 1951. The deal would include many exhibition contests ending with title defence against Englishman Randolph Turpin. The champion would underestimate the awkward Englishman, spending as much time partying as he did training resulting in Turpin winning round after round and getting the decision ending Robinsons long unbeaten streak. Turpin’s reign would be short lived, sixty-four days later in New York before 61,433 spectators; Robinson was behind in the contest but rallied in the tenth to force a stoppage and won back his title.

In 1952 Robinson made two defences of his middleweight crown, out-pointing Carl Olsen in March, followed by a third round knockout of Rocky Graziano in April. Two months later Robinson challenged for the light-heavyweight title against Joey Maxim in New York. Ahead on points, Robinson failed to come out for the fourteenth due to heat exhaustion, the atmosphere was so hot (in the excess of 100 degrees), the referee collapsed in the tenth round and had to be replaced.

Robinson announced his retirement not long after the fight, but financial obligations would lure him back to the ring in 1955, where he needed only two rounds to regained his old middleweight crown. He lost and regained his title twice more in terrific battles with Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basillo, and lost it for the final time in 1960 loosing a decision to Paul Pender in Boston, Massachusetts. Robinson failed on three occasions trying to regain various titles, and finally hung up his gloves on 10th December 1965.

Sugar Ray Robinson fought through the preface of close circuit TV earning him recognition thought the world, and became the first boxer to live the extravagant lifestyle of a celebrity. Between the ropes Robinson truly was a genius, the accomplishments he achieved have stood the stand of time; his statistics remain in many categories in the history books. In later life Robinson suffered from Alzheimer’s, and died on 12th April 1989.

Sugar Ray Robinson Professional Record: 175-19-6 (109)

4-Oct Joe Echevarria W TKO 3 MSG, New York, NY
8-Oct Silent Stafford W TKO 2 Georgia, United States
22-Oct Mitsos Grispos W 6 New York, NY
11-Nov Bobby Woods W KO 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9-Dec Norment Quarles W TKO 4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13-Dec Oliver White W TKO 3 MSG, New York, NY
4-Jan Harry LaBarba W KO 1 New York, NY
13-Jan Frankie Wallace W TKO 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
31-Jan George Zengaras W 6 MSG, New York, NY
8-Feb Benny Cartagena W KO 1 New York, NY
21-Feb Bobby McIntire W 6 MSG, New York, NY
27-Feb Glen Spencer W TKO 5 Detroit, Michigan
3-Mar Jimmy Tygh W KO 8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14-Apr Jimmy Tygh W TKO 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24-Apr Charles Burns W KO 1 Atlantic City, New Jersey
30-Apr Joe Ghnouly W TKO 3 Washington DC
10-May Victor Troise W TKO 1 New York, NY
19-May Nick Castiglione W KO 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16-Jun Mike Evans W KO 2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2-Jul Pete Lello W TKO 4 New York, NY
21-Jul Sammy Angott W 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
27-Aug Carl Guggino W TKO 3 New York, NY
29-Aug Maurice Arnault W TKO 1 Atlantic City, New Jersey
19-Sept Maxie Shapiro W TKO 3 New York, NY
25-Sept Marty Servo W 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
31-Oct Fritzie Zivic W 10 MSG, New York, NY
16-Jan Fritzie Zivic W TKO 10 MSG, New York, NY
20-Feb Maxie Berger W TKO 2 MSG, New York, NY
20-Mar Norman Rubio W TKO 8 MSG, New York, NY
17-Apr Harvey Dubs W TKO 6 Detroit, Michigan
30-Apr Dick Banner W KO 2 Minneapolis, Minnesota
28-May Marty Servo W 10 MSG, New York, NY
31-Jul Sammy Agnott W 10 MSG, New York, NY
21-Aug Reuben Shank W KO 2 MSG, New York, NY
27-Aug Tony Motisi W KO 1 Chicago, Illinois
2-Oct Jake LaMotta W 10 MSG, New York, NY
19-Oct Izzy Jannazzo W 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6-Nov Vic Dellicurti W 10 MSG, New York, NY
1-Dec Izzy Jannazzo W TKO 8 Cleveland, Ohio
14-Dec Al Nettlow W TKO 3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5-Feb Jake LaMotta L 10 Detroit, Michigan
19-Feb California Jackie Wilson W 10 MSG, New York, NY
26-Feb Jake LaMotta W 10 Detroit, Michigan
30-Apr Freddie Cabral W KO 1 Boston, Massachusetts
1-Jul Ralph Zannelli W 10 Boston, Massachusetts
27-Aug Henry Armstrong W 10 MSG, New York, NY
13-Oct Izzy Jannazzo W TKO 2 Boston, Massachusetts
27-Oct Lou Woods W TKO 9 Chicago, Illinois
24-Nov Vic Dellicurti W 10 Detroit, Michigan
12-Dec Sheik Rangal W TKO 2 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
22-Dec George Martin W TKO 8 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10-Jan Billy Furrone W TKO 2 Washington DC
16-Jan Tommy Bell W 10 Cleveland, Ohio
14-Feb George Costner W KO 1 Chicago, Illinois
23-Feb Jake LaMotta W 10 MSG, New York, NY
14-May Jose Basora D 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15-Jun Jimmy McDaniels W KO 2 MSG, New York, NY
18-Sept Jimmy Mandell W TKO 5 Buffalo, NY
26-Sept Jake LaMotta W 12 Chicago, Illinois
4-Dec Vic Dellicurti W 10 Boston, Massachusetts
14-Jan Dave Clark W TKO 2 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5-Feb Tony Riccio W TKO 4 Elizabeth, New Jersey
15-Feb O'Neill Bell W KO 2 Detroit, Michigan
27-Feb Cliff Beckett W KO 4 Saint Louis, Mississippi
4-Mar Sammy Angott W 10 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
14-Mar Izzy Jannazzo W 10 Baltimore, Maryland
21-Mar Freddie Flores W KO 5 New York
12-Jun Freddie Wilson W KO 2 Worcester, Massachusetts
25-Jun Norman Rubio W 10 Union City, New Jersey
12-Jul Joe Curcio W KO 2 MSG, New York, NY
15-Aug Vinnie Vines W KO 6 Albany, NY
25- Sept Sidney Miller W KO 3 Elizabeth, New Jersey
7-Oct Ossie Harris W 10 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1-Nov Cecil Hudson W KO 6 Detroit, Michigan
6-Nov Artie Levine W KO 10 Cleveland, Ohio
20-Dec Tommy Bell W 15 MSG, New York, NY
  NYSAC welterweight title
NBA welterweight title
World welterweight title
27-Mar Bernie Miller W TKO 3 Miami, Florida
3-Apr Freddie Wilson W KO 3 Akron, Ohio
8-Apr Eddie Finazzo W TKO 4 Kansas City, Kansas
16-May Geordie Abrams W 10 MSG, New York, NY
24-Jun Jimmy Doyle W TKO 8 Cleveland, Ohio
  World welterweight title  
21-Aug Sammy Secreet W KO 1 Akron, Ohio
29-Aug Flashy Sebastian W KO 1 MSG, New York, NY
28-Oct California Jackie Wilson W TKO 7 Los Angeles, CA
10-Dec Billy Nixon W TKO 6 Elizabeth, New Jersey
19-Dec Chuck Taylor W TKO 6 Detroit, Michigan
  World welterweight title  
4-Mar Ossie Harris W 10 Toledo, Ohio
19-Mar Henry Brimm W 10 Buffalo, NY
28-Jun Bernard Docusen W 15 Chicago, Illinois
  World welterweight title  
23-Sept Kid Gavlin W 10 New York, NY
15-Nov Bobby Lee W 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10-Feb Young Gene Buffalo W KO 1 Wilkes-Barre , Pennsylvania
15-Feb Henry Brimm D 10 Buffalo, NY
25-Mar Bobby Lee W 10 Chicago, Illinois
11-Apr Don Lee W 10 Omaha, Nebraska
20-Apr Earl Turner W TKO 8 Oakland, CA
7-Jun Freddie Flores W TKO 3 New Bedford, Massachusetts
20-Jun Cecil Hudson W KO 5 Providence, Rhode Island
11-Jul Kid Gavlin W 15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  World welterweight title  
24-Aug Steve Belloise W TKO 7 New York, NY
9-Sept Benny Evans W TKO 5 Omaha, Nebraska
12-Sept Charley Dodson W KO 3 Houston, Texas
9-Nov Don Lee W 10 Denver, Colorado
13-Nov Vern Lester W KO 5 New Orleans, Louisiana
30-Jan George LaRover W TKO 4 New Haven, Connecticut
13-Feb Al Mobley W TOK 6 Miami, Florida
22-Feb Aaron Wade W KO 3 Savannah, Georgia
27-Feb Jean Walzack W 10 Saint Louis, Missouri
22-Mar George Costner W KO 1 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
21-Apr Cliff Beckett W TKO 3 Columbus, Ohio
28-Apr Ray Barnes W 10 Detroit, Michigan
5-Jun Robert Villemain W 15 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9-Aug Charley Fusari W 15 Jersey City, New Jersey
  World welterweight title  
25-Aug Jose Basora W KO 1 Scranton, Pennsylvania
4-Sept Billy Brown W 10 New York, NY
16-Oct Joe Rindone W KO 6 Boston, Massachusetts
26-Oct Bobo Olson W KO 12 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8-Nov Bobby Dykes W 10 Chicago, Illinois
27-Nov Jean Stock W TKO 2 Paris, France
9-Dec Luc van Dam W KO 4 Brussels, Belgium
16-Dec Jean Walzack W 10 Geneva, Switzerland
22-Dec Robert Villemain W TKO 9 Paris, France
25-Dec Hans Stretz W TKO 5 Frankfurt, Germany
14-Feb Jake LaMotta W TKO 13 Chicago, Illinois
  St Valentine day Massacre
World middleweight title
5-Apr Holley Mims W 10 Miami, Florida
9-Apr Don Ellis W KO 1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
21-May Kid Marcel W TKO 5 Paris, France
26-May Jean Wanes W 10 Zurich, Switzerland
10-Jun Jan de Bruin W TKO 8 Antwerpen, Belgium
16-Jun Jean Walzack W TKO 6 Liege, Belgium
24-Jun Gerhard Hecht NC 2 Berlin, Germany
1-Jul Cyrille Delannoit W RTD 3 Torino, Italy
10-Jul Randy Turpin L 15 London, England
  World middleweight title  
12-Sept Randy Turpin W TKO 10 New York, NY
  World middleweight title  
13-Mar Bobo Olson W 15 San Francisco, CA
  World middleweight title  
16-Apr Rocky Graziano W KO 3 Chicago, Illinois
  World middleweight title  
25-Jun Joey Maxim L TKO 14 New York, NY
  World light heavyweight title  
5-Jan Joe Rindone W KO 6 Detroit, Michigan
19-Jan Ralph Jones L 10 Chicago, Illinois
29-Mar Johnny Lombardo W 10 Cincinnati, Ohio
14-Apr Ted Olla W TKO 3 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4-May Garth Panter W 10 Detroit, Michigan
22-Jul Rocky Castellani W 10 San Francisco, CA
9-Dec Bobo Olson W KO 2 Chicago, Illinois
  World middleweight title  
18-May Bobo Olson W KO 4 Los Angeles, CA
  World middleweight title  
10-Nov Bob Provizzi W 10 New Haven, Connecticut
2-Jan Gene Fullmer L 15 MSG, New York, NY
  World middleweight title  
1-May Gene Fullmer W KO 5 Chicago, Illinois
  NBA middleweight title
World middleweight title
23-Sept Carmen Basilio L 15 New York, NY
  1957 Fight of the year
World middleweight title
25-Mar Carmen Basilio W 15 Chicago, Illinois
  1958 Fight of the year
World middleweight title
14-Dec Bob Young W KO 2 Boston, Massachusetts
22-Jan Paul Pender L 15 Boston, Massachusetts
  World middleweight title  
2-Apr Tony Baldoni W KO 1 Baltimore, Maryland
10-Jun Paul Pender L 15 Boston, Massachusetts
3-Dec Gene Fullmer D 15 Los Angeles, CA
  NBA World middleweight title  
4-Mar Gene Fullmer L 15 Las Vegas, NV
  NBA World middleweight title  
25-Sept Wilf Greaves W 10 Detroit, Michigan
21-Oct Denny Moyer W 10 MSG, New York, NY
20-Nov Al Hauser W TKO 6 Providence, Rhode Island
8-Dec Wilf Greaves W KO 8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
17-Feb Denny Moyer L 10 MSG, New York, NY
27-Apr Bobby Lee W KO 2 Trinidad And Tobago
9-Jul Phil Moyer L 10 Los Angeles, CA
25-Sept Terry Downes L 10 London, England
17-Oct Diego Infantes W KO 2 Vienna, Austria
10-Nov Georges Estatoff W TKO 6 Rhône, France
30-Jan Ralph Dupas W 10 Miami Beach, Florida
25-Feb Bernie Reynolds W KO 4 Dominican Republic
11-Mar Billy Thornton W KO 3 Lewiston, Maine
5-May Maurice Rolbnet W KO 3 Quebec, Canada
24-Jun Joey Giardello L 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14-Oct Armand Vanucci W 10 Paris, France
9-Nov Fabio Bettini D 10 Rhône, France
16-Nov Emile Saerens W KO 8 Brussels, Belgium
29-Nov Andre Davier W 10 Isère, France
9-Dec Armand Vanucci W 10 Paris, France
19-May Gaylord Barnes W 10 Portland, Maine
8-Jul Clarence Riley W TKO 6 Pittsfield, Massachusetts
27-Jul Art Hernandez D 10 Omaha, Nebraska
3-Sept Mick Leahy L 10 Paisley, Scotland
28-Sept Yoland Leveque W 10 Paris, France
12-Oct Johnny Angel W TKO 6 London, England
24-Oct Jackie Cailleau W 10 Nice, France
7-Nov Jean Baptiste Rolland W 10 Caen, France
14-Nov Jean Beltritti W 10 Marseille, France
27-Nov Fabio Beltritti D 10 Rome, Italy
6-Mar Jimmy Beecham W KO 2 Kingston, Jamaica
3-Apr Earl Bastings W KO 1 Savannah, Georgia
28-Apr Rocky Randell W KO 3 Norfolk, Virginia
24-May Memo Ayon L 10 Tijuana, Mexico
1-Jun Stan Harrington L 10 Honolulu, Hawaii
24-Jun Harvey McCullough W 10 Washington DC
12-Jul Fred Hernandez L 10 Las Vegas, NV
27-Jul Harvey McCullough W 10 Richmond, Virginia
10-Aug Stan Harrington L 10 Honolulu, Hawaii
15-Sept Neil Morrison NC 2 Norfolk, Virginia
23-Sept Harvey McCullough W 10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1-Oct Peter Schmidt W 10 Johnstown, Pennsylvania
20-Oct Rudolph Bent W KO 3 Steubenville, Ohio
10-Nov Joey Archer L 10 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania