Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather

A boxing virtuoso with extraordinary self-belief Floyd Mayweather Jr is a five weight world champion who was involved in the highest grossing fight in the sports history


Floyd Sinclair was born in Grand Rapids Michigan on February 24, 1977 with his mother's last name. His last name would change to Mayweather shortly thereafter. Born into a boxing bloodline young Floyd’s father (Floyd Senior) was a former welterweight contender, while Uncle Jeff was a former super featherweight champion and Uncle Roger who won championship titles at super featherweight and light welterweight.


As an amateur, Floyd Mayweather was given the ring alias “Pretty Boy”, an alias he would later change to “Money Mayweather” as a reflection of his huge success as a pay per view attraction.  In the amateur ranks, Floyd Mayweather Jr compiled a record of record 84 wins with only 6 defeats.  Mayweather Jr won 3 national golden gloves championships 1993 at Light Flyweight (106 lb), 1994 at Flyweight (114 lb), and 1996 at Featherweight (125 lb).

Mayweather amateur success culminated with inclusion into the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Unites States.  The 19-year-old Mayweather Jr won the bronze medal for reaching the semi-finals in the featherweight division.  Many at ringside including the referee thought Mayweather had done enough to win his semi-final bout.

Early Professional

Upon his return from the Olympics Mayweather wasted no time and turned professional the same year, his professional debut was against Roberto Apodaca whom he stopped in 2 rounds.  The bout took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, a state Mayweather would later make his home.

Over the next two years Mayweather remained undefeated as a professional in 17 bouts.  The run earned him his first title shot at the age of 21 against WBC super featherweight champion Gerano Hernandez who had only lost once in 40 fights (3 years earlier against Oscar De La Hoya).  Mayweather dominated the champion who was making the fourth defence of his title, from the opening bell.  Hernandez’s corner had seen enough and pulled their man from the fight at the end of the eighth.

Super Featherweight

Floyd Mayweather Jr locked down the super-featherweight division over the next three years; successfully defending his WBC super featherweight title on nine occasions.  In his sixth defence, Mayweather faced the tough undefeated Diego “Chico” Corrales, many pundits favoured Corrales due to his impressive knockout ratio.  Going into the fight both where undefeated and neither had tasted the canvas.

Mayweather dominated Corrales winning every round knocked down Corrales five times (three times in round 7 and twice in round 10).  After the fifth knockdown and in the tenth round Corrales's corner climbed onto the ring apron and threw in the towel.

The win catapulted Mayweather Jr into the mythical pound for pound rankings where he has remained since.  Mayweather had two more fights in the super featherweight division before relinquishing his title to compete in the lightweight division.


Given his popularity Mayweather’s first fight in the lightweight division was for the WBC title.  His Mexican opponent Jose Luis Castillo was making the fourth defence of his lightweight title. The bout is still regarded one of the toughest fights of Mayweather’s career. 

Mayweather won the early rounds with his jab and superior movement while Castillo concentrated on the body, the tactic paid off as Castillo found more success in the later rounds as Mayweather slowed.  Mayweather won via a unanimous decision while the unofficial scorecard of HBO’s Harold Lederman read 115 – 111 in favour of Castillo.  

Eight months later the two met in a re-match, again Mayweather controlled the early rounds while Castillo found success in the mid-rounds.  However, this time Mayweather found a second wind and boxed his way to another unanimous decision.  Mayweather continued his pound for pound assent while defending his WBC lightweight title successfully against Phillip N'dou and Victoriano Sosa.

Light Welterweight

In 2004, Mayweather made the transition to the rich in talent light welterweight division; two title eliminators in sued against DeMarcus Corley and Henry Bruseles before Mayweather set-up a bout with the hugely popular Arturo “Thunder” Gatti.  The bout was billed “Thunder and Lightning” in Gatti’s Mecca of the Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Lightning prevailed inflicting a six round beat down forcing Gatti’s cornerman James (Buddy) McGirt.  The win solidified Mayweather as pound for pound king when the following month reigning pound for pound champion and long reigning middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins lost his titles to Jermain Taylor.
Next Floyd Mayweather Jr fought a non-title bout against Sharmba Mitchell, whom he stopped in six before making the transition to the weloterweight ranks.


A mega showdown with reigning WBC, WBA, and IBF welterweight champion Zab Judah was next; however, when they made the fight Judah already had an obstacle to overcome in a scheduled fight against relatively unknown Argentinean Carlos Baldomir.  Baldomir won and the mega-showdown with Mayweather and Judah looked in tatters.   What followed next was scandalous; Baldomir received so little for the fight he could not afford to pay the sanctioning fees to all three organisations leaving him with only the WBC title.

The Mayweather – Judah fight was resurrected from the ashes, with the IBF welterweight title on the line the two met five months later on November of 2006.  Mayweather rode out the early storm and started to establish his dominance in the fifth.  A frustrated Judah hit Mayweather with a low blow, followed by a punch to the back of Mayweather's head in the tenth round.  After Referee Richard Steele called a time out Mayweathers trainer and uncle [Roger Mayweather] entered the ring to approach Zab Judah, while referee Steele restrained him Zab’s father [Yoel Judah] entered the ring to approach Roger.  For a moment it looked like pandemonium was about to break out but security where quick to restore order.

The bout resumed and Mayweather fought his way to a 12 round unanimous decision.   Mayweather finished out the year unifying the welterweight division in beating the aforementioned Carlos Baldomir. 

Light Middleweight

Floyd Mayweather's next match was the long-anticipated superfight against six-division champion and current WBC Super Welterweight titleholder Oscar De La Hoya.  The bout was billed “The World Awaits” and took place at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada on Cinco de Mayo.  The bout smashed previous records generating 2.4 million buys, the bout made $165 million in total gross revenue making it the richest fight ever.

The opening rounds where competitive before Mayweather settled into a rhythm and took control on his way to a split decision victory.  The win made Floyd Mayweather Jr a five division champion.

Return to Welterweight

Mayweather decided vacate his light middleweight title to return to his more natural weight class and concentrate defending his WBC welterweight title.  England’s popular Ricky Hatton was his next opponent.  Hatton the former light welterweight and welterweight champion was also undefeated, hence the titling of the bout “Undefeated”.   The father of Mayweather, Floyd’s Senior was Hatton’s trainer and was in his sons opposing corner for the fight.

Hatton was outclassed by Mayweather speed, reflexes and superior movement, the Englishman finally succumb to Mayweather in the tenth when a punch sent him head first into the ring –post and onto the canvas, Hatton beat the could but never fully recovered from the punch Mayweather later described as a “Check-Hook” Joe Cortez called a halt to the action.

Temporary Retirement

Mayweather announced he had achieved everything in the sport and had nothing left to prove, he announced his retirement from the sport with a record of 39 wins, no defeats with 25 knockouts. Mayweather concentrated on building his promotional company [Mayweather promotions]. Mayweather continued to promote his image to a wider audience appearing in the TV series “Dancing with the stars. His cross-over appeal continued with an appearance in Wrestle Mania.

Return to Boxing

In Mayweather absence Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao had fought his way to the pound for pound summit, and was now competing in the same division as Mayweather [welterweight].  On May 2, 2009, the eagerly awaited announcement was confirmed that Mayweather was coming out of a 21-month retirement to fight #2 ranked pound for pound and lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez at a contractual weight of 144 pounds.  The bout was postponed due to a rib injury sustained while Mayweather was training.

The bout took place on the 19th of September, 2009.  The day before the fight Mayweather failed to make the weight tipping the scales at 146 pounds, while Marquez was on the agreed weight of 144 pounds.  Reports suggested the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) instructed Mayweather to pay the Mexican $600.000 ($300.000 per pound).

Mayweather was in total control from the opening bell, no sign of ring rust was evident.  If anything his reflexes, speed, and movement looked better than ever.  After the fight former champion Shane Mosley gate-crashed the post fight interview to call out Mayweather, the fans in attendance had other ideas as they could be heard chanting the name “Pacquaio”.

Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was the bout everyone wanted, arguably the most anticipated bout over the past 20 years in a bout that would be a battle for pound for pound supremacy.  Fan’s got their wish (or so they thought) when the fight was announced to take place on March 13, 2010, at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

However, team Mayweather requested the both fighters undergo Olympic style drug tests by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.  Mayweather stated he was in a position to clean up the sport, however voices where being heard from the Mayweather camp suggesting the Filipinos rise through seven divisions (the first in history) may be down to him using performance enhancing drugs. 

Neither camp could agree upon drug testing protocol, both camps brought in retired Judge Daniel Weinstein to mediate but no resolution could be found.

Shane Mosley

Mayweather was without a fight after the collapse of his proposed bout with Manny Pacquiao.  Due to the catastrophe in his native Haiti Andre Berto pulled out of his scheduled bout with Shane Mosley. Within days, Mayweather signed to fight WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley who gate-crashed his post fight interview ringside after the Juan Manuel Marquez bout. 

As a welterweight Mayweather received much criticism for his choice of opponent, but in Mosley many felt Mayweather he would be in a tough fight with a true welterweight.  For the first, time in many years some pundits, fans and writers where tipping Mosley to end the undefeated record of Mayweather suggesting he would join George Foreman and Sugar Ray Robinson who both endured the first blemish on their record while competing in their 41st professional fight.

Common consensus was if you craved toe to toe action; Mayweather was not your man, however if you wanted to witness the sweet science then you where in the right place as Floyd Mayweather Jr embodied the term.

On this night, Mayweather came out the aggressor in front of a star studied crown at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was almost like he was on a mission to silence the critics who bashed his safety first approach.  In the second round Mosley took advantage of the fact and landed a huge right which rocked Mayweather, in the biggest crisis of his career to date Mayweather was in survival mode in an attempt to smother the oncoming assault.  Mosley again landed a shot high on the temple, Mayweather legs buckled and for a brief moment looked like he was going to the canvas.

Between rounds, the Mayweather corner implored him to box, “box son that’s what we do, we box” said his corner.  To his credit, Mayweather continued being the aggressor and settled into a rhythm, taking control of the fight.   By the eighth, Mosley looked a beaten man and the corner was contemplating pulling him from the fight.  Mosley dug deep and made it to the final bell, however the result was unquestionable, Mayweather had won another unanimous decision and silenced many critics in doing so.

The Boxing world eagerly awaits a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao bout.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Professional Record: 40-0-0 (25)

5 May Shane Mosley W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
19 Sept Juan Manuel Marquez W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
8 Dec Ricky Hatton W TKO 10 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC welterweight
5 May Oscar De La Hoya W SD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC light middleweight title  
4 Nov Carlos Manuel Baldomir W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC welterweight title
8 April Zab Judah W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  IBF welterweight title
19 Nov Sharmba Mitchell W TKO 6 Portland, Oregan
25 Jun Arturo Gatti W RTD 6 Atlantic City, New Jersey
  WBC light welterweight title
22 Jan Henry Bruseles W TKO 8 Miami, mFlorida
22 May DeMarcus Corley W UD 12 Atlantic City, New Jersey
1 Nov Phillip N'dou W TKO 7 Grand Rapids, Michigan
  WBC lightweight title
19 Apr Victoriano Sosa W UD 12  Fresno, California
  WBC lightweight title
7 Dec Jose Luis Castillo W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC lightweight title
20 Apr Jose Luis Castillo W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC lightweight title
10 Nov Jesus Chavez W RTD 9 San Francisco, California
  WBC super featherweight title
26 May Carlos Hernandez W UD 12 Grand Rapids, Michigan
  WBC super featherweight title
20 Jan Diego Corrales W TKO 10 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC super featherweight title
21 Oct Emanuel Agustus W TKO 9  Detroit, Michigan
18 Mar Gregorio Vargas W UD 12 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC super featherweight title
11 Sep Carlos Gerena W RTD 7 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC super featherweight title
22 May Justin Juuko W KO 9 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC super featherweight title
17 Feb Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios W UD 12 Grand Rapids, Michigan
  WBC super featherweight title
19 Dec Angel Manfredy W TKO 2 Miami, Florida
  WBC super featherweight title
3 Oct Gerano Hernandez W RTD 8 Las Vegas, Nevada
  WBC super featherweight title
14 Jun Tony Pep W UD 10 Atlantic City, New Jersey
18 Aprl Gustavo Fabian Cuello W UD 10  Los Angeles, California
23 Mar Miguel Melo W TKO 3 Mashantucket, Connecticut
28 Feb Sam Girard W KO 2 Atlantic City, New Jersey
9 Jan Hector Arroyo W TKO 5 Biloxi, Mississippi
20 Nov Angelo Nunez W TKO 3  Los Angeles, California
14 Oct Felipe Garcia W KO 6 Boise, Idaho
6 Sep Louie Leija W TKO 2 El Paso, Texas
12 July Jesus Chavez W TKO 5  Biloxi, Mississippi
14 Jun Larry O'Shields W UD 6 San Antonio, Texas
9 May Tony Duran W TKO 1 Las Vegas, Nevada
12 Apr Bobby Giepert W KO 1 Las Vegas, Nevada
12 Mar Kino Rodriguez W TKO 1 Grand Rapids, Michigan
1 Feb Edgar Ayala W TKO 2 Chula Vista, California
18 Jan Jerry Cooper W TKO 1 Las Vegas, Nevada
30 Nov Reggie Sanders W UD 4 Albuquerque, New Mexico
11 Oct Roberto Apodaca W TKO 2  Las Vegas, Nevada
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